Today we premiere Dead Air’s new music video for the title track off their debut album “The Opposite Of Hip”

The Opposite of Hip. THERE’S NOTHING HIP ABOUT FINDING A MYSTERIOUS GREEN ORB IN THE OCEAN. You think it’s full of Dead Air? I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, BUT CLEARLY IT’S FULL OF MASKS MADE OUT OF STALE MASHED POTATOES. No see they already had the hash brown face thing going so maybe it’s full of the Ghost of Thanksgiving past. THAT IS NOT HOW THAT STORY WORKS. Maybe it’s an omnipotent ointment. I’M THINKING IT’S REVERSE NINJA TURTLES, BUT WITH POTATOES. So crime-fighting pizza-eating Potatoes that are now just people? DUDE NO. POTATOES DON’T EAT PIZZA. Ugh.

Though they might’ve once been potatoes, Dear Air have unwrapped the foil to reveal their buttery debut album “The Opposite of Hip.” “We’re so excited about releasing our debut album and this freshly baked music video for the title track ‘The Opposite of Hip’.” says bassist and co-founder Jenny. “The goal was to make it a try hard lo-fi short film for all the film geeks and art nerds out there because that’s who we relate to the most.”

Check out the premiere of Dead Air’s “The Opposite Of Hip” below:

Dear Air‘s debut album “The Opposite Of Hip” out now // Digital

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